Project Manager

Part Time

As the project manager, your job will involve:

·         Planning and managing the operation within the boundaries of Budget

·         Overseeing the progress of projects and providing monthly progress report

·         Making sure that the scope and direction of each project is on schedule

·         Providing all relevant documentation required by head-contractor

·         Reviewing the plans, requirements and all aspects of the projects

·         Working closely with the company’s upper management

·         Working closely with accounting department

·         Working independently and managing a team of project engineers and work crew

·         Must have experience in Painting

·         Implementing the plan in terms of limits, neighbours, width, general slope, and obvious natural conditions

·         Supervising observing standards and ensuring the work progress of different projects

·         Supervising correct consumption and provision of construction materials

·         Negotiating with construction owners and subcontractors involving in the construction process for ensuring the performance of the project according to the predetermined time schedule and evaluation expenses


A bachelor’s degree or diploma in Construction, Project Management or relevant discipline.


1.       Leadership Skills: Must be able to keep employees motivated, resolve conflicts and make hard decisions.

2.       Time Management Skills: Must be able to work with the builder’s project managers, sub-contractors, employees and management, often spinning multiple plates at once.

3.       Budgeting Skills: Must be able to maintain a budget in almost every aspect of project. Must be confident in using budget management skills to make sure budget has been properly utilised.

4.       Analytical and lateral thinking Skills: Must have analytical and strategical skills to solve situations that may come up during a typical work day. Must be able to analyse data and making decisions that affect the project on a regular basis.

A minimum of 3 years of experience required

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