Executive Director
Frank Forouzandeh
B. Construction Management
Frank founded Modern Painting over a decade ago and has turned it into the successful business it is today. Frank is passionate about creating genuine and trusting relationships with our clients by ensuring their needs are met. Frank projects this vision onto each worker in the company so no matter how big the company grows the philosophy will stay the same.
CFO / Legal Advisor
Bez Mirzaei
B. Law B. Politics, Philosophy & History
With over 15 years of legal experience Bez helps to provide leadership in the delivery of timely, accurate, reliable and well informed advice on legal issues helping the company make the right decisions. He practices with a high standard of professionalism and maintains the ethical standards that The Modern Group provides to its clients.
Executive Assistant
Talita Rodrigues
Sales Marketing and Office Management
Experienced Executive Assistant with a 16-year track record in sales, marketing, and office management at top-tier companies. Proven expertise in digital marketing, sales optimization, and efficient administration. A results-driven professional dedicated to exceeding targets and client expectations. Fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, offering a global perspective to drive operational success
Bid Manager
Ian Nguyen
B. Construction Management Sub. Construction Economics
Majoring in Construction Economics with in-depth knowledge of business, Ian spear heads tenders in Painting and Restoration works across all states. Executing Innovation and implementing procedures by leveraging technology has allowed him to lead Modern in the future, changing the way a traditional trades company operates.
Project Supervisor
Ben Babakandi
Ben is in charge of the successful delivery of all the projects on Queensland. Ben runs the team from our Brisbane office.
Project Manager ACT
Colin Westerlaken
Colin leads our ACT team. Colin ensures to keep the high standard of quality services provided by Modern Painting Group at its peak. With his enthusiasm and dedication, Colin goes to great lengths of collaborating with his clients, suppliers, and team to ensure every project is well-executed, pursued and accomplished.
Project Manager
Harry Zadeh
B. Petroleum Engineering
Harry autonomously manages, designs and delivers on a diverse range of projects which involve both office and site-based experience. This allows Harry to successfully complete the project management role smoothly.
Office Administrator
Dalia Jirjees
Business Administrator
Dalia upholds the Modern Groups reliable reputation by ensuring that all areas of the business run smoothly with her strong attention to detail and her great communication skills. She effectively answers all customer enquiries or will put you through to where you need to be.
Michael Head
B. Engineering (Honours)
Michael prepares work to be estimated by gathering proposals, blueprints, specifications, and related documents. Identifies labor, material, and time requirements by studying proposals, blueprints, specifications, and related documents provides highest results of sale targets, as an estimator ensuring clients.
Contracts Administrator
Ricky Hardjono
B. Applied Sciences and Architecture
Ricky, with a strong foundation in Applied Sciences and Architecture, previously excelled as an estimator, offering precise project assessments. Now as a Contracts Administrator, he adeptly manages and oversees contract negotiations and preparations, applying his analytical prowess and keen attention to detail to maintain optimal contractual integrity and client relationships.
Contracts Manager
Eveyln Chong
M. Construction & Project Management
Evelyn has stepped into the role of Contracts Manager, leveraging her extensive experience and skills in contract negotiation and administration. In this capacity, she is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of contract strategies, ensuring compliance and performance across projects. Her role is pivotal in fostering strong relationships with clients, contractors, and team members, ensuring the successful execution of projects in line with organisational objectives.
Accounting Manager
Suresh Kumar
B. Arts Sub. Accounting D. Accounting CPA
Manages the accounting staff who are responsible for financial reporting, billing, collections, payroll, and budget preparation.
Accounts Officer
Chan Myay
M. Professional Accounting B. Computer Science
Chan is responsible for preparing claims, liaising with clients and suppliers regarding payments and billings, and processing Payroll.
Accounts Receivable
Win Myint
B. Commerce Sub. Accounting
Win is committed to ensuring all accounts are reviewed and clients are satisfied, creating trusting relationships. With extensive knowledge, supporting his role to processing, verifying and reconciling invoices and co ordinating accounts.
Resource Coordinator
Hugo Khandan
New South Wales
Hugo in charge of storing, moving, and managing hazardous or non-hazardous materials. His work includes moving stock, documenting deliveries, and monitoring supplies.

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