Did you know that intumescent coatings
can save lives?

You can't put a price on life.

Intumescent paint extends the window of time before structural failure occurs to allow people to safely evacuate a building during a fire.

Thanks to DuluxGroup Australia, The Modern Painting team is fully certified in intumescent coating application.

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Why intumescent coatings should be your first choice.

Safety First

While also having flame retardant properties, intumescent paint allows steel structures to prolong their stability and strength in the scenario of a fire. By significantly extending the steel failure temperature rate, an extended window of time is created for people to safely evacuate the building and provides firefighters with additional time to control flames.

Fire Resistance Level

The special coating increases the Fire Resistance Level (FRL) of a structure. The coating decreases in density and increases in volume in the situation of a fire, while also transforming into an insulating barrier which is significantly larger than the average barriers created by regular paints.

A Necessity

When temperatures increase over 550ºC in the event of a fire, a steel structures load bearing capacity dramatically declines. This makes is essential to meet FRL requirements and provide steel protection though intumescent coatings.

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